I am a published family photographer in St. Louis who loves capturing genuine emotion between families. I got my start as a mom who enjoyed taking photos of her children and found that she was really good at it.

When I am not chasing my children down to take photos of them, I enjoy homeschooling them and taking some me-time with things such as crocheting, reading, and the occasional video game. I am goofy and tend to try to make every situation something we can laugh about. I feel like this makes it easy to just relax and be yourself.

I love being laid back and easy, so that translates into my work ethic. You already have enough stress in your life as it is, I am here to make it easier for you so that you can capture your family's story without the anxiety that often comes with it.

These beautiful moments were captured by a fellow photographer, Kelsie Dawn Photography.

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hey, you!

As a mom myself, I am passionate about capturing my children at every stage. A lot of times that's are day to day life. These are moments I'll never get back so I take every advantage that I can. But it also means I never in front of my camera. To tell you the truth, I hate being in front of a camera. I'm not very confident in how I look, and as much as it's easy for me to make a client feel secure and beautiful it's something I lack in myself.

See, I'm human too! I understand what it's like to not feel beautiful and want to never get in front of the camera. But like me, you're going to regret it when your kids are older and you have no photos with them.

My photography approach focuses on the connections you share with your favorite people, so that you can always remember how you felt with them. Lord knows we aren't promise tomorrow and everything could be gone in a blink of an eye.